Harness the power of IoT to reach entirely new levels of operational efficiency

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming companies and countries, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness. But not all organizations know how to leverage the power of IoT and the massive amounts of data they produce. In fact, they face an increasingly diverse set of challenges to innovate faster, improve operational efficiencies and reduce their environmental footprint.

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The Path to Operational Excellence

Transform your organization and drive significant gains by harnessing the power of IoT to reach entirely new levels of operational efficiency.

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Turn disruptions into competitive advantage

Hitachi Consulting has a proven approach to transforming an organization and can help drive significant gains in operational efficiencies across production, maintenance, quality, scheduling and logistics using IoT, advanced analytics and machine learning. We enable timely decision-making through continuous monitoring of machines, people and processes to activate change in real time while preserving natural resources and environmental sustainability.

Drive operational excellence with innovative solutions

With 107 years of experience in operational technology and 58 years in IT, Hitachi has a rich heritage of industrial innovation and a portfolio of holistic solutions to transform operations. Accelerate your organization's digital thinking and take your business to the next level of operational excellence.

Optimized Factory

Improve operating efficiencies by utilizing a scalable
technology platform that enables data-driven decision-
making and continuous process improvements.

Predictive Maintenance

Utilize IoT techniques like reliability-centered maintenance,
overall equipment effectiveness and analytics to significantly improve
maintenance efficiency, asset availability, and lifetime value.

Water Solutions

Balance water availability and consumption and manage
wastewater more efficiently across the entire water supply chain,
from equipment installation to water delivery, use and reuse.